Double sided tape

Double sided tape

Double sided tape is available in various types. In our product range you will find both transfer tape and foam tape, per roll or as stamped parts. Double sided tape is available in various sizes and strengths. We can also supply manual dispensers for transfer tape.

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Double sided tape – What are the sizes?

Double-sides tape is available in several sizes. Foam tape is available per roll, per meter or in stamped parts. Transfer tape is available per roll or as self-adhesive dots. In our webshop you will find all the sizes available from stock.

Should you wish for a specific tape size, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Double sided tape – Which materials exist?

Double sided tape is available in the following types:

Double sided tape is available in the following types:

Foam tape

  • Foam tape per roll – PE 1 mm.
  • Foam tape per roll – PE 2 mm.
  • Foam pads

Transfer tape

  • Transfer tape permanent
  • Transfer tape removable
  • Tissue tape (including release liner)
  • Tissue tape dots permanent
  • Tissue tape dots permantent/removable

Double sided tape – Usage & assembly

Foam tape is ideal for assembling materials that need to be fixed with a small space in between or when a small space needs to be filled. The 2 mm foam tape is extra strong and often used for taping mirrors to a wall. Foam pads are available in various sizes so that a matching size can be found for your application.

Transfer tape is often used for taping paper to paper or on laminate. Transfer tape is actually an ultra-thin double sided glue which can be placed in strips. It is available in both permanently attaching and removable types.

Transfer tape is also available as tissue tape. The 0.1 mm thin tissue tape is equipped with a brown liner (release liner) on one side. This way it is possible to directly glue one side and leave the other side covered with the release liner until it needs to be glued.

Tissue tape dots are available in double sided permanent or one side permanent and one side removable. The dots are equipped with a handling tab for ease of use.

Perhaps also interesting for you:

A manual dispenser will ease the handling of tape. Another possibility is to use glue tape rollers.

ATG manual dispenser

ATG manual dispenser transfertape

The ATG manual dispenser is used in combination with 33 or 50 meter rolls of transfer tape. The manual dispenser eases the fixation of paper on paper or laminate.

ATG manual dispenser transfertape

Glue tape roller

Glue tape rollers

Glue tape rollers are single-use rollers including 12 meters of tape. They are available in two types: removable or permanently adhesive.

Glue tape rollers

FAQ on Double sided tape

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

What is the strongest type of double sided tape?

The strongest double sided tape is the 2 mm foam tape. It is often used to tape mirrors to a wall.

Which tape is the thinnest?

The thinnest tape is transfer tape. The various types of tape organized bij tickness:

  • Transfer tape
  • Tissue tape
  • Transfer tape dots
  • Foamtape & foam pads
  • 2 mm. foam tape

What is the difference between permanent and removable tape?

Permanent tape results in a strong connection between for example two pieces of paper. If you would tear the paper apart, it would rip. With removable tape it is possible to tear pieces of paper apart without ripping the paper. This glue layer can be (re)closed several times but will lose some of its strength with each time.