Supplier of Accessories for the Sample Book, Graphic and Plastic Processing Industry

Jay Dee International is proud to offer you a large product range for the sample book, graphic and plastic processing industry. We also provide the option of ordering customized goods at request in addition to our products available from stock. This way, we will always be able to come up with a suitable solution for you.

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Product range Jay Dee International

A global impression of Jay Dee’s product range can be found on this page. If your desired model or product is not included in our product range, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding all possible options. We can provide you with custom made products. Click on a product group for further information.

binding screws

Binding screws

Metal and plastic binding screws are ideal for binding swatches or cards.

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Eyelets are used to attach, bundle and finsh graphical applications.

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hanging hooks

Hanging hooks

Hanging hooks are used to hang your sample caps, swatches or other bundles.

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Handles are used for for carrying swatches or presentation suitcases

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neodymium magnets


Neodym magnets are used for locking presentation suitcases among others.

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pillarz fasteners

Pillarz Fasteners

Pillarz fasteners are ideal for swatches since the bundle can be changed easily.

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You are assured of Jay Dee’s excellent quality, competitive prices and fast delivery times!

Jay Dee’s secret is in its own manufacturing facilities and the ability to store an extensive range of products, where the passion for a good product and complete service plays a very important role.

Whether you are in need of a product from stock or a custom made product, Jay Dee International will give you and your products the attention you deserve!

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presentation materials

Presentation materials

Our presentation materials are highly suitable to present your product at a fair or presentation. This includes hanging your colour swatches and easily transporting your presentation suitcase, cap or folder by adding a handle.

Presentation materials

graphical finishing

Graphical finishing

Our graphical finishing articles are highly suitable for fixing, closing or bundling your print work, swatches or other products. This way, you can for example finish your folder or bind your print work.

Graphical finishing

binding products

Binding products

Our binding products are highly suitable for fixing your graphical finishing articles such as ringbook mechanisms or for binding print work for example. Additionally, they can be used for a variety of other applications.

Binding products

custom made products

Custom made products

Are you looking for an item with specific sizes, special colours or certain materials? This too is possible! Jay Dee International will develop a custom-made product for you, whether it is adapted from an existing article or brand new.

Custom made products

Jay Dee International and The Solution Shop are trade names of R & S Company B.V. Our products can be ordered online in The Solution Shop webshop. Naturally you can also contact us and order by phone or email. Our team is happy to help you!

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