Ringbook mechanisms

ringbook mechanisms

Ringbook mechanisms are available in various types and sizes. A large number is available from stock. In our product range, you will also find matching eyelets, compressor bars or rivets. Are you looking for accessories to finish off your folder? Take a look in our webshop!

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Ringbook mechanisms – What are the sizes?

Ringbook mechanisms can be ordered in various 2-rings or 4-rings models:

  • D-shaped rings (one straight side, one bend side)
  • Q-shaped rings (both sides straight, rectangular shape)
  • O-shaped rings (round mechanic)
  • Lever arch (for folders, 2-rings)

Which materials exist?

Our mechanisms available from stock are nickel plated. On demand, we can also powder coat the mechanisms in every RAL colour. For more information on price and delivery times of customized mechanisms please contact us.

Ringbook mechanisms – Usage & assembly

O-shaped rings are often used in standard folders. The round shape eases the turning of pages. D-shaped rings are more suitable for larger folders for example since their capacity is bigger (a higher fill).

The straight side prevents the documents from falling out of the rings upon opening. Q-shaped rings are very stable and therefore most suitable for heavy applications.

These too have a higher fill without any documents or sample falling out upon opening the rings, rendered possible by the rectangular shape.

All ringbook mechanisms are assembled in folders by means of automatic rivers. These permanent rivets can be fixed by means of a press and matching tooling. More information on automatic rivets can be found on a separate page.

Lever arches differ from the other ringbook mechanisms. These always consist of 2 rings combined with a lever for easy opening and closing. They are mainly used in folders, by means of automatic rivets.

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Ringbook mechanisms can be combined with some other articles to finish off your folder.


Automatic rivets, tooling, manual press

Automatic rivets, also called folder rivets, are fixed by means of a hand press. For this permanent assembly, a matching tooling set is needed.


compressor bar

Compressor bar

Compressor bars for lever arch folders fix your documents into their folder. The metal/plastic bars can easily be assembled.

Compressor bars

finger ring eyelets

Finger ring eyelets

Finger ring eyelets are finished off with oval shaped metal slots (or rado eyelets). Most folders are also equipped with a lever arch eyelet (sometimes called finger rings) for easy handling of the folder. Did you know that these eyelets are available in various colours?

Finger ring eyelets

FAQ on Ringbook mechanisms

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

What parts does an arch lever consist off?

  • Most lever arch or other folders exist off a fixed number of components, but extra parts can always be added to increase the folder’s multifunctionality. Underneath you will find the most common parts:
  • Ringbook mechanic, fixed by means of automatic rivets
  • Compressor bar
  • Lever arch metal slots
  • Lever arch eyelet
  • Corner protectors or edge protectors
  • Possibly a CD holder or card holder

All these individual articles can be found in our webshop.

What do I need to assemble the various ringbook mechanisms?

Ringbook mechanisms are assembled by means of automatic rivets. These permanent rivets are fixed by means of a press and a matching tooling set.