Binding rings

hinged card binding rings

Binding rings, also called display rings or card rings, are used to hold fans and bundles together. The rings of various sizes can be closed by click lock or screw lock, so that the content can easily be rearranged.

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Binding rings – What are the sizes?

Binding rings can be ordered in various sizes, as click ring or hinge ring. The sizes vary from a diameter of 14 mm to 250 mm. The wire thickness differs per type of ring.

Which materials exist?

All binding rings are nickel plated except for the binding ring with hook, which is chrome plated.

Usage & assembly

Binding rings are mainly used to bundle various sizes of bundles or fans. It is an easy way to bundle and rearrange your products due to the click and screw locks. Click rings are round whereas rings with a screw lock are flat on one side.

To facilitate hanging, a special ring with a hook attached to it is also available. This particular ring is often used in stores as a presentation ring for scarfs among others.

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The rings are also sold in combination with eyelets.



Eyelets in various types and sizes are often used in samples to facilitate hanging these on binding rings. You will find our broad range of products in our webshop.


FAQ on Binding rings

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

Can I also hang my bundle by the binding ring?

Yes, you could hang it by the ring or choose for the binding ring with hook. The maximum weight of the bundle will depend on the type of binding ring.

Screw rings are more suitable for heavier bundles. For lighter material, a click ring will suffice.

Is the binding ring with hook also available in other diameters?

No, the binding ring with hook is only produced in a Ø of 120 mm chrome plated.

Can I choose to finish off the binding rings in another colour?

Yes, you can choose to powder coat the rings in every RAL colour. Please contact us for more information.

Can the rings be ordered in various wire thicknesses?

Yes. The wire thickness depends on the diameter of the binding ring. The larger the ring, the thicker the wire. Should you wish for a specific wire thickness, please do not hesitate to contact us.