Plastic locks

plastic locks

Plastic locks are used to close presentation suitcases among others. This is why these are also called suitcase locks. They are available in various models and sizes.

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Plastic locks – What are the sizes?

Plastic locks are available in various models, shapes and sizes. Press fasteners or fastening plates are included depending on the type of lock. An overview of locks directly available from stock can be found in the webshop. For other locks and / or accessories such as buckles please contact us directly.

Plastic locks – Which materials exist?

Suitcase locks are available from stock in a black model. Other colours can be ordered at request. Next to plastic locks, metal locks can be ordered as well. Please inquire about more details on amounts, prizes and delivery times.

Plastic locks – Usage & assembly

Plastic locks are often used for cardboard suitcases, presentation boxes, purses and backpacks, but can be used for other applications as well.

Locks are relatively easy to assemble. The various models consist of multiple parts including fastening plates and press fasteners.

They can be assembled to a suitcase or other application by clicking or pressing them, depending on the type of lock. Preferably, this is done by means of a press with matching tooling that ensure a correct assembly of the plastic locks.

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Magnets, hook and loop fasteners or press fasteners could alternatively be used as a lock for a suitcase of folder.

neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets

Neodym magnets can also be found in our product range. They are often assembled in the cover of a folder or book to serve as a lock. More information on our magnets is available on a separate page or in the webshop.

Neodymium magnets

hook and loop fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners can also be used to close an application. It is available per roll, in pre-cut pieces or in dots. You will find an overview of our hook and loop fasteners available from stock in the webshop.

Hook and loop fasteners

press buttons

Press buttons

Metal press buttons consist of four parts. Two parts are fixed to for example a folder’s cover and two to the folder itself. These can continuously be (re)closed. More information can be found on a separate page.

Press buttons

FAQ on Plastic locks

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

Which type of locks is easiest to assemble?

Every lock has to be assembled in a different way. This will entirely depend on the model and the application for which you would like to use it.

Which lock is the strongest?

There is not one lock which is the strongest, but there is a difference between heavier and lighter locks. For a professional advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is every type of lock available in metal as well?

Only a few of the plastic models are available in metal. If you are looking for metal locks please inquire about the possibilities.

Can parts of the lock be ordered separately?

No, the plastic locks can only be ordered as a set.