Strap handles

strap handles

Strap handles, both in plastic and leather models, are ideal as a handle for a cap or bundle for example. Box handles are available in various types, sizes and colours.

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Strap handles – what are the sizes?

Strap handles, also called carrying handles or pvc handles, are available in several sizes. They are equipped with two holes for M4 (Ø 5 mm) binding screws for easy assembly.

Plastic box handles are available in several thicknesses including 1 mm and 2.5 mm. The last ones are more suitable for heavier applications.

Both the leather and plastic ones can be found in the webshop. Several sizes are available from stock. In addition, it is possible to order customized box handles. For prices, amounts and delivery times, please contact us.

Which materials exist?

Plastic strap handles are available in the following colours:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Dark blue
  • Transparant

Leather box handles are available in black. Should you wish for another colour, please inquire about the possibilities.

Usage & assembly

Strap handles could be an ideal handle for a cap, folder, suitcase or bundle. The many models and colours offer enough choice to provide your application with a unique look.

The carrying handles are assembled by means of a binding screw or ratchet posts fastener. For larger swatches they are often placed in between samples. Furthermore, they can be fixed in the cover of a book or presentation box.

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Binding screws and ratchet posts fasteners are useful articles for easy assembly of the product.

binding screws

Binding screws

Binding screws are available in metal and plastic models. Both the samples and strap handles can be fixed by means of the screws. Other accessories for bundles such as extension pieces or cover caps are also available.

Binding screws

ratchet post fasteners

Ratchet post fasteners

Ratchet posts fasteners can similarly be used to bind samples and fix a strap handle to them. The ratchet posts fasteners can be closed by means of a clip disk or tube at the desired length.

The remaining cord can be cut off, so that the fasteners can be used at any length.

Ratchet post fasteners

FAQ on Strap handles

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

Are leather strap handles completely treated?

No, the leather at the upper side is treated, but the other side is not.

Can a text be included on a strap handle?

Yes, leather strap handles are usually provided with text by means of embossing. This is a high pressure technique for which a figure or text is pressed into the material without ink and an elevated or lowered area is created.

The 1 mm plastic box handles can be provided with text by means of serigraphing. If you would like to have a strap embossed or serigraphed, please contact our sales team.