Handles can be divided into metal and plastic handles. The metal C-handle can be used for sample bundles.

The plastic ones are mostly used for carrying and swatches or presentation suitcases. Both are available in various types, sizes and colours

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What are the sizes?

C-handles are available in both a gap distance of about 101 mm (4”) and about 165 mm (6.5”). The diameter of the opening through which a wire or binding screw can be fixed is 6 mm.

The plastic ones are available in various models, both for lighter and more heavy finishing, with legs or a bridge. They can also be ordered with matching handling eyelets. These handling eyelets are also available separately.

Which materials exist?

The metal C-handle is made from nickel plated metal. The plastic handle is available in black and white. Other colours are available on request.

Usage & assembly

The C-handle is stylish, strong and for made for (carpet) sampling collections. The C-handle can be fixed over or between samples. The handle and samples are fixed by means of a binding screw, ratchet posts fastener or threaded iron wire.

The plastic handle is ideal for closing your cap or folder. The’re also offer extra protection on the place where the folder is often opened and closed. The handles can be assembled by means of two eyelets or a bridge, depending on the type of handle.

Perhaps also interesting for you:

Instead of a C-handle or plastic handle you could also use a strap handle, webbing or cord for your cap or folder. For assembly, various ones can be combined with a binding screw or ratchet posts fastener.

strap handles

Strap handles

Strap handles are available in plastic or leather models. In combination with a binding screw or ratchet posts fastener, these can be used as a handle.

An overview of our strap handles can be found in the webshop. Other sizes at request

Strap handles



Webbing usually is a woven black pp band which is available in various widths. Webbing is a very strong material which can both be used to close something or as a handle. Webbing is available per roll.




Cord is available in leather, braided and twisted models and ideals as a handle. For colours, widths and sizes please do not hesitate to contact us.


plastic binding screws with hole

Plastic binding screws

Various handles, for example the C-handle, can be assembled by means of a binding screw, ratchet posts fastener or threaded iron wire.

You will find an overview of our binding screws and ratchet posts fasteners in our webshop. Threaded iron wire and matching connector-end caps are available on demand.

Plastic binding screws

FAQ on Handles

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

Are handles also available with a metal bridge?

Yes, for extra strength for heavy books for example certain handle models can be ordered with a metal bridge. If this metal bridge is finished with a nice cap the appearance will remain uniform.

Can I also order themin other colours?

Yes, should you wish for handles in another colour please contact us for prices and amounts.