CD holders

cd holders

CD holders are available in various types: CD spiders, foam studs and CD pockets . These facilitate the attachment of a CD to your mailing or print work.

All three types of CD holders are also available in a self adhesive model to for easy assembly.

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CD holders – What are the sizes?

CD spiders are available in two different types, with and without easy push button. The ones including this button are available in a diameter of 30 mm. The ones excluding the button are available in Ø 30 mm and 35 mm.

Foam studs are smaller because the CD-hole will be shoved over the CD foam stud. The studs are available in a diameter of 15.5 mm.

CD pockets are obtainable with flap or without, which partially determines the size of the pocket. They are made for normal size CD’s but are also available for mini CD’s. Please visit our webshop for all the exact sizes.

Which materials exist?

CD spiders are self adhesive and made of synthetic material. The products with easy push button are available in black and white. The ones without this button are made of transparent material.

Foam studs are also self adhesive and available in multiple colours. A complete list can be found in our webshop.

CD pockets are made of PVC or PP material. Most of them are self adhesive so that they can easily be fixed to your application.

CD holders – Usage & assembly

CD holders will offer you the possibility to easily attach a DVD or CD to your mailing or print work. The three models can be used separately. You could for example choose for an easy solution with the spiders and foam pads or a more protective CD storage solution with the CD pockets. The CD spiders are also available with easy push button.

The foam pads are also usable as a buffer, because they can easily be fixed on various surfaces due to the self adhesive layer.

Perhaps also interesting for you:

Other types of plastic pockets that could add an extra functionality to your application are included in our product range as well.

self adhesive pockets

Self adhesive pockets

Corner pockets are available in various sizes. These corner pockets are very useful to store different documents and cards.

Business card holders are the smaller variant of the CD pockets and are used specifically for adding a business card into a folder or onto a mailing or print work. Business card holders are available in various sizes.

Self adhesive pockets

FAQ on CD holders

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

What is the difference between CD spiders with easy push button and other spiders?

CD spiders are injection molded and equipped with an easy open system. This means that a button in the middle of the spider can be pushed to easily detach the CD from the holder.

Other plastic CD holders are vacuum molded and do not have this easy push button. This could be an advantage when using the CD holder in a heavy book for example; the CD will not easily detach under the weight of the book.