Self adhesive pockets

self adhesive pockets

Self adhesive pockets are available in three models: corner pockets, u-pockets and business card holders. Self adhesive pockets are hence ideal to make your folder multifunctional. They are available in various sizes.

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Self adhesive pockets – What are the sizes?

Corner pockets are available in a variety of sizes between 32 x 32 mm and 210 x 210 mm. A corner pocket has two equally sized closed sides with a diagonal opening. For all available sizes from stock please take a look in our webshop.

U-pockets are available from A3 to A7. The product has an equal or unequal opening on the long or short side. The advantage of an unequal opening is that the bottom of the plastic is a few mm. longer, to ease the inserting of documents.

Business card holders vary in size from 50 x 88 mm to 68 x 115 mm. An overview of all our business card holders available from stock can be found in our webshop.

The size you are looking for is not there? Please contact us for customized sizes.

Which materials exist?

Self adhesive pockets are available in transparent PP or PVC and equipped with a self adhesive layer. Some u-pockets are also available in non-self-adhesive with a eyelet for hanging.

Self adhesive pockets – Usage & assembly

Self adhesive corner pockets, u-pockets and business card holders add a functionality to your folder. The product is frequently used in books as well.

The product is easily fixed in a folder by means of the self adhesive layer.

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Self adhesive pockets can also be combined with CD holders which add another functionality to your folder.

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CD holders

CD holders are available in various models such as spiders, foam studs and CD pockets. This way, you can easily save CD’s or DVD’s in a folder or add them to your print work.

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FAQ on Self adhesive pockets

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

Are self adhesive pockets available in coloured models?

No, we only supply transparent pockets.