Cords are available in various types and is mostly used as handle or finishing of books and folders.

In our product range you will find braided, twisted, leather and elastic cords in various thicknesses and colours. These can be finished off with cord clips.

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Cords – What are the sizes?

The product is obtainable on spools. It can subsequently be cut to size. The individual pieces can be finished off with clips to facilitate further processing.

Both braided and twisted cords are available in various diameters. The leather model is available in a size of 6 mm. Do not hesitate to contact us for further possibilities, prizes and delivery times.

Elastic cord is available in a Ø of 2 mm. The end are finished off with metal pieces. The article is available from stock in various lengths. You will find these in our webshop. For customized products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Clips are the perfect finishing and simultaneously simplify assembly. This product is available in various types. You will find a complete overview in our webshop.

Cords – Which materials exist?

Braided en twisted cords are composed of multiple strands that are tightly braided or twisted together. This results in a very strong product which is also easy to process. They can be produced in various colours.

The leather models are available in black or natural brown. If desired, other colours could be ordered on request.

Elastic cords are made of elastic band finished off with fabric. It is easy to process and does not cut into one’s hands.

Clips are available in various nickel plated models.

Cords – Usage & assembly

Braided, twisted and leather cord is often used to finish or as a handle of folders and books. The clips strengthen the endings.

Herewith, you can also create a closed loop by fixating both endings into the clip. It is also possible to equip both endings with other metal pieces and use these to secure them in a box or swatch.

Elastic cords are ideal for binding folders. It is finished off with metal pieces which both prevent fraying and provide a simple fixation.

You can easily lead the piece of metal through a folder after which it secures itself by means of the projecting parts.

Perhaps also interesting for you:

The usage of cord is ideal in combination with eyelets. Should you prefer a stronger and flatter handle, you could consider webbing.



Finishing off your product with cord? You could assemble eyelets in your cap, suitcase or box before fixating the cord.

This provides an extra solid result which prevents unnecessary damage to your product. An overview of our eyelets can be found in the webshop.




Webbing, a flat woven PP band, is usable as a handle. It is possible to weave a text into the band. More information on webbing can be found on a separate page or in the webshop.


FAQ on Cords

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

Can I order cords with already assembled clips?

Yes, we can supply this with assembled clips. For amounts, price and delivery times please contact our sales team. The elastic model is always equipped with metal pieces but can also be ordered on rolls if desired.

How far can elastic be stretched?

It can be stretched to about twice the original size.

Which size elastic do I need?

Yes, you can choose to powder coat the rings in every RAL colour. Please contact us for more information.

Can the rings be ordered in various wire thicknesses?

To close a folder for example, the elastic should be stretched to some extent. You could for example choose a cord with 90% the size of your desired capacity. This way, it is always slightly stretched.