Webbing is often used as a handle or locking strap. It is therefore sometimes called carrying strap. It is both available per roll or pre-cut.

Our black webbing is available from stock in several widths. For other sizes or models please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Webbing – What are the sizes?

The product is available in the following widths:

  • 15 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 50 mm

The 15 and 20 mm ones are available per roll of 100 meters and the 25 and 50 mm per roll of 50 meters.

We can also supply pre-cut pieces of webbing, optionally with text woven into it and holes for easier assembly. For this customized product, please inquire about the prices and amounts.

Which materials exist?

Our product is made of heavy quality woven PP strap. And is available in black. Should you wish for a less heavy, cotton material or other colour please contact out sales team.

Usage & assembly

Our product is of heavy quality and therefore ideal as a handle or locking strap. Industries such as the textile industry often use webbing in for example tents and backpacks. Should you wish for a more flexible type of woven strap, please inquire about the possibilities.

Perhaps also interesting for you:

The product could be finished off with for example eyelets, binding screws or rivets. Strap handles could be used as an alternative.

binding screws

Binding screws

If you intent to use webbing as a handle binding screws could be used to assemble the product to a cap or cover. In this case, you could consider to choose for a product including holes for easy assembly.

Binding screws



Should you be interested in equipping web bing with holes, eyelets can be used to finish these off. Eyelets, potentially with washers, protect your application and add a unique feature to the appearance. More information can be found on a separate page.




Double rivets or automatic rivets can be used similarly to binding screws to fix the product to a cap or folder. These rivets, in contrast to binding screws, form a permanent connection.


strap handles

Strap handles

Strap handles are a nice alternative to web bing as a carrying strap. These handles are pre-cut and available in several models. You can find a complete list in our webshop.

Strap handles

FAQ on Webbing

Here are several frequently asked questions listed. Can’t find your question? Please do not hestitate to contact us.

Can I order half a roll of webbing?

No, the product is available per complete roll, not per meter.

What is stronger as a handle; webbing or strap handles?

Both types of handles are available in several different qualities. For example, there is a heavy quality of webbing and a sturdy plastic strap handle, but also less heavy cotton webbing and flexible strap handles.

Both handles are therefore available in heavy and less heavy qualities.